The idea

My goal is to launch (eventually) Scrimshaw Cinema.  I envision the site as being a potash of poem and prose fragments, with a mixture of supplemental multimedia files thrown in for good measure.  It’ll be a hash of sorts.  It might not work.  But that’s not important to me right now.  Right now, it’s the idea that’s important.  And I’m imagining the site as a collection of narratives (possibly “failed” narratives), all from various genres.  There is already a wonderful site that features “poem videos”  (MotionPoems).  What I’m picturing, though, is something akin to the loads of broken shells you might find on the north end beaches of the Outer Banks (like Corolla).


I want Scrimshaw Cinema to be a site that’ll hurt your feet at first.  Maybe.  You walk onto it, or through it, and the collection offers connections.  Or maybe the entire thing will simply become an “Island of Misfit Toys” – a place where fragments of narrative (images, lines, etc.) wait for a viewer/reader/caretaker/docent.  As you can see, I don’t know what I really want it to be just yet.  I want it to have a good life, I suppose.  I want to teach it some things and have it teach me some things.  I want it, at its core, to be both reverent and irreverent.

3 thoughts on “The idea”

  1. I lvoe this idea, and the image of the broken shells as an aesthetic is fascainting. This site ( is way too clean for this project, but wher eit touches with what your saying is anyone can use a responsive form to submit a work. You could just as easily do this for fragments and assiciate images, video, audio, etc.

    As for the visual, I think you should stay with the broken shells, make it a universe people cut their feet on by clicking around. Maybe even may it impenetrabe. I saw this 30 -minite Swedish documentary the other day about New Order’s 12″ extended single “Blue Monday.” What I loved about it is how the actual design of the single sleeve was just that, impenetrable, but also an embodiment of what the song was all at once.

    This is an awesome project, I am very much looking forward to it. A island for misfit toys, indeed

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